Frozen No More: How to Protect Your Skin in the Cold Weather

Frozen No More: How to Protect Your Skin in the Cold Weather

There are certain times of the year when weather can seem to unbearable in many ways, and it can wreak havoc on skin if you are not prepared with the proper arsenal to protect it from cold, frost, and wind. I know first hand how my skin reacts to icy weather, as I spend time in South Florida, then travel to North Carolina to get away from the heat as much as possible. When it snows in North Carolina, and the wind whips my skin as we travel from the mountain tops to the valleys, my lips get chapped, my nose gets blistered/cracked, and even my eyes, yes my eyes get chapped. I am laughing at the concept of chapped eyes for whatever reason as I write this, but it is a "thing" that is not fun to experience. 

However, I do have some good news for you, as I have found some very simple and surprising solutions that will prevent you from having these issues. Yes, you can PREVENT getting such issues with some surprising skincare items that you may or may not have in your home already if you are a Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics Client. Here are the weapons you need in your beauty arsenal to fight against the harsh elements of the cold weather:

  • Peptide Packed Lip Treatment
  • Hyaluronic Acid/Multi Peptide Serum
  • A Readily Absorbed Moisturizer
  • Super Hydrating Nighttime Mask
  • Gentle Cream Cleanser
  • Foundation Makeup with Natural Sun Barrier 

Out of all of these items, the most important one to have is a Peptide Packed Lip Treatment like our best selling  Best Lip Treatment, as not only will it save your lips from being frostbitten, it is something that I tend to use to protect many other areas of my face as well. We will get into this shortly, as I am going to walk you through a typical winter morning and night routine that SAVES FACE. :)

Morning: I wake up, drink something warm like tea and lemon or coffee, and once I can get the water warm enough, I gently cleanse my face with a soothing, Gentle Cream Cleanser like my absolutely perfect Coconut Cream Cleanser by gently massaging my face clean using clean hands, not a washcloth. 

After cleansing you need to think of layering your skincare just as if you were layering your clothes, starting with the thinnest layer first. Be careful when layering products to do this so that the layers do not "dry" in between applications. The goal is to keep skin very hydrated and for the layers to "gel together" in force to protect against the harsh weather. I generally start by applying a Hyaluronic Acid/Multi Peptide Serum like the Time Freeze Max first around my eyes, mouth, forehead, and neck, and quickly follow that with a moisturizer that not only is easily absorbed into the skin, it contains ingredients that hold moisture in, like the Best DNA Repair Cream with Crushed Pearl. The texture of this cream just soaks in, but that crushed pearl really holds it in the hydration like no other. It also contains wonderful ingredients to fight redness, calm skin down, etc. It feels ahhhmazing. 


Now this part will probably surprise you the most, seem totally strange, but it completely and totally works to prevent the chapped lips/eyes/nose/nostrils. I grab a Q-Tip and apply a Peptide Packed Lip Treatment (preferably the Best Lip Treatment from my company, as a typical lip balm absolutely will not perform the wonders that this product does. It's all in the peptides...) I apply that Best Lip Treatment not just to my lips, I use it on a cotton tipped applicator to the inside and outside of my nostrils, around my eye area, and anywhere that my face is particularly weathered. You would be absolutely astonished how this magically repairs cracked skin and protects it from further wear and tear. 

If I feel adventurous enough to go outside, I protect my skin even further by using a foundation makeup with a natural sun barrier like non nano Titanium Dioxide, such as my incredible 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation. Nothing protects skin better from the sun, wind, and harsh elements as this makeup. I wore this on photo shoots on a frozen lake in Canada in below freezing weather, and used these very same techniques beforehand. My skin looked incredible during the whole trip!


For nighttime, you can do the exact same process of gently cleansing, serum, moisturizer, lip treatment in the highly sensitive areas, but you can also do something a little "extra" once or twice a week to get even more hydration: Put on one more moisture "hugging" layer of a Super Hydrating Moisture Mask, like our Oxygen Plasma Mask. Lay it on really thick all over your face, lay face up on a pillow, and go to sleep. You will wake up with skin like a baby's booty. Your dry skin will be gone, and your confidence to face the frozen tundra and sing, "Do you wanna build a snowman?" Will be back and in full force. 

It's funny, when I tell people to these tricks, they are like, "Are you serious? Why so many layers? What? Lip Treatment on my eyes, nose, as well as chapped lips??? What?"

I reply with, "Just try it and come back to me in a few days." 


I am always so happy when I hear that not only does this layering process work wonders for us, it also works for our children or our partners with chapped noses, elbows etc.  Women, men, and children with sensitive skin can benefit from this. Now that we have conquered the frosty beasties, let's all go make snowmen and ice angels in this winter wonderland together. I feel a snowball fight coming soon in my future, and I am not afraid! I have my arsenal ready. Do you? 

You can get everything you need for Winter Wonderland Wonderful Skin at 40% off right now by clicking this LINK to create your own skincare and foundation kit.

If you need a guaranteed foundation match, message us today at 

Stay safe and warm my friends!

Much love, 


Jennifer Bradley 

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Hey Jennifer,
I am so glad my mother in law introduced me to your products over a year ago. I’m hooked! Your face cleaning products are amazing (don’t stain my towels and work effectively) and your moisturizer feels so light on my face. I appreciate all the discount codes and free gifts. Loving the new shampoo and conditioner! (Crazy thing too my eyebrows have become fuller too with it ) my head doesn’t itch anymore from being dry. Your videos are so fun to watch! Your such a kind soul. Thanks for all that you do! Can’t wait for new products in the future. <3

Ashlee Johnson

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