Fine Lines and Wrinkles: What’s the Difference?

Fine Lines and Wrinkles: What’s the Difference?

You often hear the expression “fine lines and wrinkles” in ads and on skincare labels. But you might not know the difference between the two. This article is all about fine lines vs wrinkles and what types of products you should use for each. Read on to find out all about it.

Difference Between Fine Lines and Wrinkles

While the expression is often used interchangeably, fine lines and wrinkles appear on different areas of the face and are treated using different products and methods. The main difference is one of intensity. Fine lines are more shallow and more easily treatable then wrinkles. If uncared-for, though, they can turn into wrinkles, and wrinkles can turn into facial folds.

Fine lines appear due to repetitive movements of the face, such as smiling, frowning, and so on. They are a natural part of your skin's aging process. Sometimes fine lines are called expression lines because of the facial expressions that cause them.

Fine lines are most often found around the eyes and mouth, at the corner of your mouth and lips, under your eyes, between your eyebrows, on your forehead, and so on. Fine lines can be caused by many different things in addition to your body's natural aging process. Smoking, drinking, and an unhealthy diet can speed up the creation of fine lines. So can exposure to the sun if you don't use protection against its rays. Genetics plays a role, too. Your family might simply have a history of fine lines developing at a certain age. People with fair skin (like me) also tend to get fine lines more easily. Believe it or not, I have had crow's feet since I was in early 20's, because I smile a lot, my skin is thinner than most, and as much as I embrace my age, ( I born in 1975) this was another reason why began creating my own line. After working in all the high end department store and having the ability to try every product out there, I was simply seeing no results! Not even with the $300 plus creams. 

Fine lines appear and deepen on the face because the collagen and elastin that is in your skin breaks down with age.

Wrinkles and folds can appear where fine lines were, but can also develop almost anywhere on the face and neck. They are a natural progression of the aging process, with collagen and elastin in your skin breaking down further and not being able to snap your skin back into place. Age is one cause of wrinkles and folds, and one that can’t be avoided, but environmental factors such as constant exposure to the sun, chronic dehydration, and poor skincare routines are other causes of wrinkles and folds that can be addressed.

Treating Fine Lines vs. Wrinkles From the Inside Out

It’s absolutely possible to treat both fine lines and wrinkles with either medical grade skincare , getting better sleep, taking supplements such as Savinchi 3, 6, 9, eating more fruits, veggies, getting exercise, etc. You can see up to 65% reduction of fine lines/wrinkles when you use my products, eat right and drink plenty of water. My products work wonders for skin!  However, you must have realistic expectations with your skin. There is no such cream or serum that will take all lines and wrinkles. If you hear a company saying a ridiculous statement such as that, you should run for the hills. For me, I have found that a combination of being consistent with cleansing skin daily and nightly, using my medical grade skincare in conjunction with having good healthy eating habits, drinking lots of water as well as DRINKING my Vitamin C either in organic juice or Emergen-C packets helps tremendously. Here are my secrets to HEALTHIER, Younger Looking Skin. 


1. Start with Clean Skin, morning and night. Always!

I want you to throw away those disgusting makeup wipes that do not actually cleanse. They just wipe, while leaving a trail of chemicals all over your skin. 

Please. I beg of you. Throw away the wipes and just wash your face gently. I wash with my fingers only, no washcloth. (and yes, I washed my hands thoroughly before this process began) I feel like washing with a washcloth can be a little too rough on skin, and can be almost like scrubbing. We want to cleanser, but we need to be super gentle. 

I recommend the 3 in One Fresh Cleanser for anyone with Normal to Combination/Acne prone skin or the Coconut Cream Cleanser for anyone with dry skin. Many of our clients like to mix both together. Whatever works best for you, stick to it, AM & PM

I know what you are thinking. Your question is: but how do I get my eye makeup off? By applying some Cooling Moisture to fingertips and gently massage off any leftover makeup residue. 

This is far more effective and also so gentle for around the eyes. 


2. Your two biggest allies in fighting fines, and preventing wrinkles or to simply  have a smoother, healthier skin appearance is to have a hyaluronic acid serum like the Time Freeze Max.  and now we have the incomparable Best DNA Repair Cream, too, which is selling out over and over again. More on that later.


The Time Freeze Max  has had a cult following for years!


Always follow with a Serum like the Time Freeze Max and massage it into your skin under eyes, on face, forehead, around mouth lines and neck and decolletage.

The Time Freeze Max is a Patented Line Plumper, Collagen Booster, and it Tightens the skin with Peptides. It is also a potent cellular hydrator and plumper. It will act as a delivery system for all creams applied on top. 


Always follow the Time Freeze Max with a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type. Don't know your skin type? Message us at, open up the chatbox on this page, and someone will help you right away. Or check out this blog post to read more on this topic.


Fighting lines/wrinkles with Retinol Creams

Retinol and retinoids have been proven to reduce fine lines. They have been known for over 30 years to not only create younger looking skin, but also keep skin clear from breakouts. My two favorite Retinol Creams are The Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer for Normal to Combination/Acne Prone Skin. 


For dryer skin types, the Luminosity Cream Ultimate Line Relaxing Cream with Soothing Cucumber  is your best bet.

If retinol creams don’t work or don’t work as well as you would want them to, or you are looking for something to fade away sunspots, and exfoliate, the next option - often the most effective for fine lines - is a gentle acid exfoliator like the Resurface Gel for normal, combination, or oily/acne prone skin or the Best Brightener for more sensitive skin types. This literally dissolves the top layer of skin where the fine lines are forming, but it also stimulates the body to create new collagen and new, healthier skin.



How To Treat Lines & Wrinkles With Injectables/Non Surgical Solutions


Wrinkle relaxers or fillers such as Restylane and Botox are the other proven and popular, yet more invasive classic way to treat lines and  wrinkles. Wrinkle "relaxer" like Botox are highly effective, but are often costly, and usually only lasts about  three months before the effect just wears off. Botox works as a temporary paralytic to skin stop your muscles from making the expression that created the lines to begin with. I do see an incredible doctor named Dr. Richard Blanchar once a year for botox in between my eyes to stop me from frowning for preventative reasons. Dr. Blanchar is an artist with the needle, I swear it! Since Botox only lasts for three months, I use a topical hydrator/filler called the Time Freeze Max am and pm. on clean skin right before I apply the Best DNA Repair Cream, and I don't feel like I have do anything else.

For the record, I have never had any plastic surgery done to my face, and never plan to. I am only 44! 

Another nice side effect from getting Botox is that if done properly on the forehead, it actually lifts up the eyebrows a touch, which creates a younger, more wide eyed appearance. Sometimes getting botox will eliminate the need for something serious like surgery. A lot of my clients would come to me and say, "Jennifer, I need eyelid surgery, my lids are drooping." 

My response: Go to the Good Doc. Try getting botox first. It will lift your brow, and many times that is all you need to stop the drooping lids. :) 

After doing makeup for thousands upon thousands of women in my career, I have seen way too many women go to extremes to look younger, often times without great results. Keep in mind, that less is more, and surgery, injectables, fillers, are all very serious procedures. I never recommend going straight for surgery, I also never recommend going to a bargain botox place, or getting a Groupon for botox or something of that nature. Do your research. If you choose to have any procedure, know the risks, and get a qualified, experience doctor to perform whatever it is you choose to have done. It is your face, and procedures can be PERMANENT. 


For the record, I have never had any plastic surgery done to my face, and never plan to. People constantly ask what I do, what I have done, and you will always get an honest answer from me. I want women and men to know what works, what doesn't work, and my goal is to share all the latest technologies available for creating healthier, younger looking skin. 

People need to realize something that I say over and over and over again: There is no such thing as a serum or a cream that will take away all of your lines and wrinkles. We must have realistic expectations, and these are the techniques that I have found to be the most effective WITHOUT SURGERY. 


Collagen induction therapy or microneedling

A newer procedure, this involves poking holes in your skin with tiny needles. This stimulates the collagen in the skin to repair itself, with the result being that it smooths out your lines and wrinkles. I have never tried this yet, myself, but I do plan to! Locally I would recommend Marlene Bracero or  Jenette of Beech Esthetics It's always good to know and see a good medical esthetician to get extractions done every so often. ( I go once a year...)

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