Create an Account and Make the Experience Even Better

Create an Account and Make the Experience Even Better


If you’ve shopped with Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics for any amount of time, you know how much we value our customers. In fact, we really do consider you part of our family. And along these lines, one of the best benefits of being in the fam means having smoother, more efficient, personalized services and shopping. When you sign up and create an account, there are so many perks and features that make the experience more valuable. 


3 Seconds is All it Takes

Literally, in just 3 seconds, you can sign up and have all of your information saved. Enter your info and BOOM! You’re signed up, and officially part of the fam. Log in anytime you’re on our site, and most definitely, every time you are making a purchase. This makes it easier and smoother to checkout, keeping the whole purchasing process fast and stress-free. 


When you create an account, you will then have a customer profile on our site. You can view your order history, so you always know what you purchased and when. Additionally, as an official customer, you will have exclusive access to content, products, and sales.


The Perks of Creating an Account

From the moment you sign up, you start earning rewards. If you’re not aware, JB Rewards is among our many value-adding services that can get you free products, exclusive access, and discounts! When you create an account with us, you are automatically enrolled in our rewards program and awarded 25 points. When you make your first purchase, you earn yet another 25 points. All purchases will get 5% back, and you can earn even more points by referring friends and family. 


For every dollar you spend with Jennifer Bradley, you earn points. You can level up by sharing your experiences on Facebook, Instagram, and also when you review your first purchase on our website. 


We Love Our Community

Your interaction means everything to us. We are not just some generic skincare line producing the same old products. We have built an incredible community over the years and we pride our brand in being extremely personable. We offer one-on-one consultations and love getting to know how our products are serving our customers. We want your feedback, we want your communication, we want to hear about what you love, what your skincare goals are, and what your results have been from using our skincare, makeup, and treatments. This dedication to our customers is what sets us apart and having this amazing, warm, open-minded community continues to drive us towards producing products of utmost quality and excellence. Simply, changing lives through the experience of achieving beautiful skin is our “Why.” There is nothing that tops the feeling of sharing these exclusive solutions we have created after years of research and development and seeing that satisfaction in our customers.


We know our products are exceptional, but your loyalty means everything to us. That’s why we are excited to reward you for being a customer. Creating an account with Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics is so simple and brings so much value to the shopping experience. Why not take advantage of all the perks? Head on over to and sign up today! 

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