Build Your Own Personalized Kit

Build Your Own Personalized Kit

One of our defining offerings is our custom kits. We give you the ability to “Build Your Kit” which allows you to create the contour lip kit, cosmetic kit, custom compact, or skincare kit that fits your needs and tastes perfectly. Simply, it’s customized to your preferences, so there’s no way it won’t fit you to a “T.”


The Kits

We offer four different types of kits you can customize. These allow you to create the pallets and skin routine packages you want, in the simplest, most organized manner. A custom kit gives you all the products you need and none that you don’t want. Pre-packaged cosmetics and skincare bundles often include an assortment of products you may or may not use. When you customize everything yourself, that hassle and waste are removed, and we would much rather you get what you want!


Build Your Best Skincare Kit

Building your skincare kit is a total must. It’s the best way to get your skincare routine in check while also taking care of your skin first. Great skin is the foundation of beauty. While makeup will enhance it and allow you to play with your looks in various artistic ways, taking care of your skin is the first part of the process. With the best cleansers, moisturizers, repair creams, serums, treatments, and base makeup, you will have the basis of nourishment and care for your skin. Whether you are aiming to target the aging process, want to heal from acne, cellulite, or other types of irritation, or would like to treat your sensitive skin to the most soothing products, you can customize your skin kit based on these needs. And presently, when you build your kit with $250 worth of products from the Best Skincare Kit page, using the coupon code BESTKIT will get you 40% off!


Build Your Custom Compact

Our Custom Compact gives you the freedom to tailor this makeup pallet to your needs. Choose your foundation, blush, highlighter, bronzer, and eyeshadows to create the color collection you most desire. The best part? Right now, if you purchase $150 worth of makeup products, using the code BESTCOMPACT, you will get 30% off your compact.


Build Your Cosmetic Kit

Your personal beauty routine is pretty personal, so we give you the options to put it together to suit your taste. Our custom Cosmetic Kit allows you to bundle all of your favorite beauty products easily. Among your choices is our Camera Ready Foundation, which is an amazing all-in-one product that takes care of your concealer, foundation, sun protection, and with a dewy powder finish for a flawless yet lightweight look and feel. Yes, this is for real! Additionally, your kit can include blush, highlighter, face tint, bronzer, our brow kit, finishing powder, eye pencil, and lip color. Plus, with a $150 Cosmetic Kit purchase, you can get 30% off with the code BESTMAKEUP.


Build Your Contour Lip Kit

Kissing, pouting, and smiling; your lips say so much! Having the perfect products to keep your lips looking lovely is what the Contour Lip Kit is all about. It consists of three Jennifer Bradley lip products: the Best Lip Pencil, Luxury Cream Lipstick, and Never Sticky Moisture Gloss, and you get to choose the colors for each. 


At Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics, we embrace our natural beauty and we celebrate the artistry of makeup. Our products are geared towards ensuring you look your best at all times; whether makeup-free or with a full, glam face. Build your kit to get exactly the look and results you’re after!

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