Beauty Style and Look Trends for 2022

Beauty Style and Look Trends for 2022

Are ready for welcoming in the new year, a blank slate, loaded with possibilities? Are you ready to look and feel your very best in 2022? We know we are, and we hope you are as well! After the past two years of unending uncertainty, we are really looking forward to the new-new and are ready to do it in style. With that said, here is a look at the most interesting beauty trends we’ll be seeing in 2022.



Beauty and makeup and looking great all the time are not just considered female-centric goals anymore. Beauty has become immensely inclusive, and there is a greater focus on men's skincare and grooming than ever before. The simple truth is, no matter your gender/ gender identity, everyone deserves great skincare products and great skin. 


Our pick for men: Men deserve the best skincare, too. As many of our lady customers have found, their cleansers and primers are not safe around their husbands and boyfriends! As a result, our Gentlemen’s Skincare Kit was created just for this reason.


Natural Foundations, Naturally Beautiful Skin

2022 is going to be all about gorgeous, natural skin and showing off a stunning complexion. Makeup will be used to emphasize your natural beauty, not fake it. Along these lines, foundation will serve as the literal foundation of your fresh face. It should never be cakey and excessive. It should glide on and be silky, feel nourishing and not heavy. 


Our pick for flawless foundation: Jennifer Bradley 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation. This is a life-changing, smart makeup product, all the way. It does four jobs in one- foundation, concealer, powder finish, and sun protection. At the same time, it delivers perfect coverage and a weightless finish for a stunning look and luxurious feel. Your skin’s texture will feel incredible and it will glow radiantly while removing any redness. The best part about it - your skin will be ready for the camera at all times! 


Glitter and Shine

Sometimes you just need a little extra bling, and subtle glitter on the eyelids, or blended into a smoky eye are some of the coolest trends we are seeing. 


Our pick: Pure Mineral Pigments. These shimmers add the perfect amount of sparkle, and they are like fairy dust for your face. They are super versatile and you can use them anywhere you want to add sparkle and shine. 


Luxuriously Lined Lips

90’s-inspired lip liner is coming back, big time! Overly lined and very voluminous, this look makes your lips pop in the best way. Jennifer Lopez and Megan Thee Stallion are big proponents of this trend, and we are all about it. 


Our pick: The Best Lip Pencil you will ever find, anywhere. Concentrated color, creamy texture, long-lasting performance; these pencils are so potent, we use them as primary lip color, enhancing with gloss or lipstick. You will be able to execute the perfect 90’s lip with these!


Makeup Maximalism 

The opposite of minimal, maximalism celebrates gorgeous makeup done dramatically to emphasize features and playful artistry. 2020 saw us halt all makeup, and most of us are over it. So over it, we are embracing colors, gradients, and full-on glam. 


Our pick: My Heart is in Havana Palette. Like the culture and colors of Havana, this palette aims to capture the vibrant energy and optimism we are looking forward to in 2022! Bold, rich shades and hues that offer endless possibilities for creative and fun makeup looks.


Let’s welcome 2022 with beauty and positivity, fam! We’ve all been through it the past few years, and I know we are all ready for more fun, more freedom, more health, and gorgeous style, so let’s bring it on! 

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Beauty Style and Look Trends for 2022

Are ready for welcoming in the new year, a blank slate, loaded with possibilities? Are you ready to look and feel your very best in 2022? We know we are,...

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