6 Ways to Look Younger with Makeup

6 Ways to Look Younger with Makeup

A lot of people use makeup to look younger. There are whole anti-aging lines of makeup for older women. All the anti-aging makeup in the world won’t help you, though, if you don’t choose and use it in the right way. The best makeup for aging skin isn’t complicated, but there are definitely some guidelines you should follow. This article lays out several of them - read on to find out all about them!

1. Start with the Basics - Moisturise and Protect Your Skin!

We all know how important moisturisation is if you want to have radiant, healthy-looking, line-free skin. But simply moisturising once a day isn’t enough, especially in sunny climes. Don’t get lazy! Use moisturising sunscreen to protect your face and neck in the mornings when going out. SPF 30 is the least that you should be using. Avoid using thick powder or similarly heavy foundation, and instead, go for a more moisturising foundation. At night, make sure to do a good job of removing any of the day’s makeup and apply a nocturnal moisturiser. That’ll go a long way towards helping all your other makeup routines to be much more effective at making you look younger.

2. Choose the right colours for foundation and lipstick

It’s easy to get into the habit of using a certain colour of lipstick, for example, or foundation. Lips get thinner with age, however, so you want to be careful what colours you use on them. To keep from looking too severe and look more natural and youthful, try using more flesh-coloured shades or rosy reds. Remember that lipstick without any other supporting makeup can actually make you look older, not younger, so try to avoid swiping it on by itself!

The same goes for foundation. Yellowish foundation will also make your skin look warmer. And warm skin looks younger. This goes for brown and darker skin tones as well.

3. Consider thicker eyebrows

Bold and bushy eyebrows give the impression of a youthful face. Consider cutting back the tweezing to a minimum, or use a good product to fill in any gaps along your brow. Try going for something that’s a cross between a powder and a pencil to get the natural texture of a powder and the precision of a pencil.

4. Try liquid concealer

The irony of concealer is that while hiding redness, circles, or other imperfections, concealer can get cakey and draw attention to lines and crepiness. Liquid concealer, though, of the kind that comes in click-pens, does the job without seeping into lines and drawing attention to them. Concealers in pans also have a wax base, which can make skin look waxy - not something you want as you age!

5. Accentuate your bone structure

By rubbing blush in at the highest point of your cheekbones, you’ll make your natural bone structure stand out. This is where older women have an advantage, as they naturally lose fat in the face as they age, so it’s easier to show off your natural facial structure!

6. Do more with less

Remember, you don’t have to use more and more makeup to look younger as you age. That’s not what it’s about - it’s about choosing and using the right type of makeup for your face and skin. Too much makeup, applied in an unskillful way, will just draw attention to itself - and, by extension, to your imperfections. So try to consciously do more with less. Cut back on the heavy stuff and switch to something more natural-looking. You’ll be glad you did!

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