5 Simple Everyday Makeup Looks

5 Simple Everyday Makeup Looks

There are more everyday makeup looks than you can imagine. Since everyone likes makeup to an extent, striking the right balance that's just right for every day is not easy. Not everyone is a professional makeup artist or has the time and equipment necessary to rock top the line makeup daily.

That is precisely where everyday makeup looks come into play. They're fun, simple, quick, and jaw-dropping if done right. Below, we'll explore some simple makeup for your everyday look that you can use today.

Five Everyday Makeup Looks

You're looking for some fantastic everyday makeup looks that are never going to bore you? Look no further than this section! Below, we'll explore five stunning everyday makeup looks that are sure to impress with their simplicity and aesthetics!

1. The No-Makeup Makeup 

The No-Makeup Makeup look is well known and is one of the most popular looks out there. Despite its vast popularity, a lot of people have a hard time nailing it. It's simple, minimal, and recognisable

The main appeal of this look is that there are no rules to it. The only thing you should avoid is the foundation, as this look is all about embracing your inner beauty. The secret to no-makeup makeup is maintaining a healthy, glowing, and gorgeous skin – which is as easy as using our Lush Hydration KIT.

This kit includes our luminosity cream, oxygen plasma mask, cooling moisture serum, and flawless photo-finish powder – which is everything you need to ensure that your skin is ready for your everyday makeup routine!

2. The Minimalist Approach

This look is pretty self-explanatory. You don't need any elaborate shadows, foundation, or mascara – all you need is a corrector and some highlighter. You can even go the extra step and include some neutral lipstick or eyeliner in your routine. No one likes too much makeup, so minimal is the way to go!

You might want to include a lip gloss like our very own Luscious Moisture Gloss. It's only as subtle as you want it to be, and it's a fantastic complement to your everyday makeup. 

3. Simple Eye Makeup

Your eyes are one of the most defining features of your face – and that's precisely why you should pay attention to them. If you try hard enough, you can pull off an everyday makeup look only with eye makeup and some simple correction. 

Eyes are one of your most beautiful assets, and enhancing them with simple makeup will make them look stunning. When it comes to everyday eye makeup, our Smudgy Eyeliner Pencil is king. It's undoubtedly the best soft eyeliner on the market, and it's perfect for smoky eyes!

4. Summer Glow  

Ah, summer. Cosmopolitans, fun beach activities, and a summertime-romance – all of which are made that much better with the perfect everyday summer glow. If you're wondering what the best natural makeup look for the summertime is, you've found it.

This look is as simple or as complex as you want it to be. To nail this look, you'll need the Best Bronzer, which you can find in our selection. With this product, you can enhance your natural beauty and give yourself that sunkissed glow without getting a permanent tan. 

If you want to complete the look, you'll also need a fantastic highlighter like the Baked Highlighter to make a killer contour!

5. Pink Lips

Most everyday makeup routines on this list are subtle in one way or the other. They're based around augmenting your natural beauty. But, what if your natural beauty is everything but subtle? Then you'll need a vibrant set of lips to complement your vibrant personality.

Pink lips have been in fashion for years, and their simplicity and loudness ensures that they're not going away anytime soon. If you want the best for your lips, you'll need the Power Colored Luxury Cream Lipstick from Jennifer Bradley. 

Pink lipstick gives off a bold, beautiful, and blissful look – and it works with any skin tone!


How to Do an Everyday Makeup Look?

That depends on the look you're aiming for. When you're picking an everyday look, you'll need to remember to keep it simple, timely, and good-looking. A good foundation for wearing everyday makeup is nurtured skin – and you can nurture yours with anything from our cruelty-free skincare selection!

What Do You Need for an Everyday Makeup Look?

That also depends on what you're aiming for. Most people don't like to wear a lot of makeup every day – so you probably won't need much. Here at Jennifer Bradley, we allow you to build your cosmetic kit with all the daily essentials you need for your everyday makeup look. 

How Can I Apply Simple Makeup every day?

Applying simple makeup every day is all about speed, appeal, and simplicity. If you want to ensure you're doing the job right, you'll need the right tools for the job. The right tools are our brushes in our Best Brush Set, which consist of 11 fantastic, soft, silky, cruelty-free brushes for every makeup need. 

What Is the Best Makeup for Everyday Use?

It's hard to pick the best for everyday use, as everyone has different preferences. If we had to choose one out of the bunch, we'd pick our Waterproof Brow & Eye Pencil – it's just so versatile!

Final Thoughts

Wearing daily makeup should be as straightforward, simple, and sexy as possible. As long as you follow all of the looks and styles in this article, you'll have an easy time doing so. 

One of the most appealing aspects of daily makeup is that you can go crazy if you want – so make sure to experiment a little bit. You can experiment with a wide range of cosmetics right here at Jennifer Bradley!

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