4 Reasons to Use Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

4 Reasons to Use Cruelty-Free Beauty Products


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The most obvious reason to use cruelty-free products is self-explanatory: most people cringe at the idea of their own pet being subjected to painful or even deadly testing, the way laboratory animals are to prove the safety of many beauty products.

Therefore, people try to steer clear of beauty and other products that source from animals. Their personal ethic compels them to buy only synthetic or plant-based products instead.

Beyond the notion of preventing animal cruelty, we offer four other important cruelty-free cosmetics benefits.

Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Are Less Toxic

By and large, cruelty-free products use as many natural and proven-safe synthetic products as is possible. This means that almost every material used causes few or no ill-effects in human beings under any circumstances. 

Especially when using products that are applied to the skin, customers need the peace of mind that comes from using less toxic products.

Over 7,000 Products Not Tested On Animals Have Proven Track Records of Safety

The beauty industry worldwide offers a staggering array of products. On top of the variety offered in most grocery stores, discount shops, department stores, or pharmacies, sits an even larger selection online. 

Thousands of cruelty-free products currently thrive in the marketplace, covering every imaginable need or condition. This makes cruelty-free beauty shopping simple.

We encourage our customers and website visitors to explore the full range of our selection with the assurance that not one product resulted from animal cruelty.

Cleaner, Safer, and Healthier Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes manufactured from animal hair remain popular, but offer a number of drawbacks.

First, they have limited potential use. Natural hair bristles feature cuticles with uneven surfaces. These pick up skin oils and biological contaminants and are consequently difficult to keep clean. Using these brushes not only involves the use of animal products, but could also expose your skin to germs that cause inflammation, breakouts, and even infection.

Synthetic makeup brushes, also called vegan makeup brushes, have even surfaces that clean easily and retain fewer bacteria and particles in the environment. Overall, they also perform better than natural animal hair makeup brushes.

Support Local Crafts Businesses

One of the most exciting reasons to select cruelty-free products lies in their source. Most conventional makeup comes from major corporations with billions of dollars and a global reach.

Conversely, most of the companies that have full embraced cruelty-free products, brick and mortar or online, are smaller companies. Many are family owned and community oriented. Quite a few, such as Jennifer Harvey, combine passionate concern for nature with a powerful drive to provide the best to their customers.

Check out our full selection of cruelty-free cosmetics, makeup brushes, skincare products, and more. All Jennifer Harvey products are the result of painstaking decades of research into products that are both effective and safe to use, while respecting the animals that share the planet with us.

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