30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


What makes Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics different from so many other skincare and beauty lines out there is our integrity. With this in mind, if you are wondering if our promises are like all the others out there, that the actual products can’t really measure up to the hype, we want to make you feel comfortable and confident when trying out our products. We offer a risk-free trial period, where you get a 30-day money-back guarantee if the results are not to your liking.


Why 30 Days?

Our line of products was not developed just to be a cool new option in the already saturated cosmetics industry. Each product has been designed and scientifically crafted to fulfill serious gaps in the market, to provide solutions that actually heal the skin and provide brilliant results. But we don’t want you to just blindly take our word for it. We would much rather you experience the difference yourself, and if your expectations are not met, or if you are not satisfied in any way, you get your money back. In this manner, you have nothing to lose.

In 30 days, you should have a really good experience with how the products work. In less time, you may not get the full experience or be able to actually see real results, and that would defeat the point of using our innovative products. They are meant to deliver (and our thousands of satisfied customers are evidence!).

Simply, we are so confident in the effectiveness and difference our products provide, we are willing to bet you will love them. We want you to try them, experience their powers, and give yourself a month to really see how they work.


The Jennifer Bradley Difference

Here at Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics, we don’t just make empty promises. We educate and discuss potential results, based on formulas that were designed using the latest scientific skincare technology. We don’t just advertise having Matrixyl in our products. We offer the highest concentration of this powerful healing agent. The aim is not to give you false hope that only leaves you disappointed after investing your money. Our intention is for you to try our products with the knowledge and understanding of what each ingredient is capable of, and what kind of results you can expect.

While there are many budget skincare options out there, our line is anything but. Our products stand apart because so much has been invested into their creation; time, energy, and money. Our products are expensive to formulate because they are designed to work. They do not just contain interesting ingredients, they are based on high concentrations of these ingredients that are proven to work. With this in mind, we invite you to experience the world of Jennifer Bradley. Lavish your skin in the essence of crushed pearls, nourish your face with our hydrating blend of roses and crushed rubies. Experience the latest scientifically formulated products that combine ancient secrets and modern skincare breakthroughs.

We invite you to experience the game-changing world of Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics, risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. These products have changed our lives; come experience the difference today at JenniferBradley.com!

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I am so impressed with this it’s truely AMAZING I love how you put your self out there to keep your clients happy you go above and beyond your expectations you never seem to amaze me this money back guarantee is absolutely finominal GREAT JOB!!!

Lorraine Anvik

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