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Why I started Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics

Create your own Palette with our new Best Custom Compacts.

Set your makeup free with this incredible palette!

This is an open magnetic palette with beautiful mirror that is free from any restricting "fences." This palette is one bountiful, big, wide open magnetic space so you can hold your shadows, hold your blush, bronzer, highlighter, setting powder, and much more. Strong magnet keeps product from sliding, even when held upside down or thrown in a purse. Perfect for travel, not too big to carried in a makeup bag or pocketbook. 

We also now have Deluxe Pro Shadow Pans to put in your Custom Palette!  More coming soon!

JB Difference

At Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics, we take immense pride in offering medical grade skincare products and cruelty-free makeup to our customers. We bring a passion for makeup and a zest for offering exclusive products that can help enhance our clients' skin to leave it looking and feeling healthy and radiant all day long.

Made For You

Originally designed for people with sensitive skin, our makeup and cosmetic line has continued to expand and evolve into the only medical-grade skincare and professional cosmetic line that works beautifully on all skin types. Our main focus is to help our clients achieve that flawless and glowing skin that looks positively effortless while wearing less makeup to make it happen. This is what our clients get with Jennifer Bradley. 

We put our makeup through an exhaustive series of tests coupled with the best materials to create skincare products that can help clear up your acne or breakout problem, and it'll help you get that gorgeous skin you've always wanted. Our medical-grade skincare line will help you showcase your best asset, your skin! We want people to compliment you on how well your skin looks, and this is why we have so many products available. 

We offer cruelty-free makeup for normal or combination skin, dry and sensitive skin and acne, as well as cleanses, rehydrating, lip plumper, body, face, bronzer, blush, eye enhancement, lip care, vegan brushes and so much more. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all of your skincare needs, and this is why we're always researching and adding more exclusive products to our lineup of makeup and medical-grade skincare products. 

Are you curious as to what we can do for you at Jennifer Bradley? Maybe you'd like more information. Either way, reach out today!